Quality Tree Service of West Michigan, Inc. is committed to safe and reputable work and continually strives towards this commitment. There is no higher priority than sending every employee home safely at the end of every day. As a result, management incorporates a structured safety program comprised of many areas such as the following:

Safety begins with proper training. Upon hire all of our employees are trained in chain saw and brush chipper safety and use, aerial rescue procedures, electrical hazard awareness, tree climbing practices along with TVMP (Transmission Vegetation Management Program). Once an employee enters the field, they are required by QTSWM’s standards to complete practice aerial rescues, obtain a CPR/1st aid certification, and complete the Tree Care Industry Association’s (TCIA) Electrical Hazards Awareness Program (EHAP).

We also offer advanced training through TCIA’s specialist certifications and the International Society of Arboriculture’s 

(ISA) Certified Arborist training for employees that show initiative and motivation to advance themselves and the company. These certifications provide ambitious employees with the opportunity to challenge themselves to continually raise performance to a higher level. Pesticide applicator licenses can also be obtained while working with QTSWM to ensure an efficient and effective herbicide application program. QTSWM employees improve each day, enabling them to be safety trainers through proper and advanced work techniques.

In addition to training, a “Crew Safety Audits” policy is also enforced which requires the Safety Director to randomly check upwards of four worksites each week. These random checks are based on the safety program that our 4 Certified Treecare Safety Professionals employed at QTSWM have established. This ensures that safety is the top priority for each crew while on job sites. This process has shown our employees that safety is the priority and emphasizes that there are no excuses for unsafe work practices.

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